Miami Jeep Team

Terms and Conditions

Mimi Jeep Team

This club shall be known as Miami Jeep Team Club and referred to as  MJTC.

The club main meeting address is to be determined 

The club web site


The Miami Jeep Team Club is a nonprofit organization for the mutual enjoyment of owning and using Jeep off-road vehicles. 

To provide social, recreational, and educational activities for its members. 

To support each member in case of a casualty and support each other Jeep builds 

To support civic activities, to enjoy and protect all state and federal resources.  

To adhere to the principles of the Tread Lightly! Program. 

Membership requirements and Fees

Membership only open to Jeep owners, other vehicle brands are not allowed to be part of the Miami Jeep Team

Each membership includes the principal members of a family, however voting counts for only one member per family. 

All members must be respectful to each other during all club activities and chat.  Failure to adhere to rules will result in revocation and removal of the club membership

The fee is $25 for the first year and $20 the following year, fees are paid upon member registration and would renew every July 1st. Late member registration will be discounted to $20.

Applicants must fill out the online form and complete the payment along with the basic club apparel to join the club and participate in events.

      I. A member may withdraw his/her club membership at any time upon registration within (10) days to receive a full refund.

      II. Miami Jeep Team Club reserves the right to refuse the membership to anyone. We are dedicated to ensuring a friendly and ethical atmosphere for everyone. 

Members of the Miami Jeep Team Club will become lifetime members after paying for (10) consecutive years, with no yearly registration fees.

After the first provisional year, a member might apply to the lifetime membership by paying the remaining (9) year balance. 

The Miami Jeep Team proudly supports Veterans and active duty military members, they are granted a discounted membership fee of $35 and become lifetime members after (3) consecutive years. 

If any member sells their Jeep, their membership will be revoked immediately. 


The official meeting will be held and announced on WhatsApp chat

Meetings, events, and adventures are subject to change

 Vehicle Safety 

All vehicles on off-road events must have adequate equipment for legal operation and 

must comply with the Club’s official “Minimum Equipment “ document found in the document


Firearms, as governed by federal, state, and local laws, are NOT allowed on trail rides.  

Alcohol, drugs, and other intoxicating substances 

Alcohol, drugs, and other intoxicating substances are not permitted on trail rides or any Club sponsored event.  

Alcohol will only be permitted at campouts or other non-motorized activities. 

Social Media 

The members WhatsApp group chat is to be used as a communication tool for current members to keep up to date on Club sponsored events and building relationships with other  Members. 

Members may NOT block any Officer or Admin. ALL Officers and Admins must be able to view and perform all moderating duties on postings from ALL members. Blocking prevents some tasks from being performed. 

Members should be aware that the Officers do review all comments made on all posts on social media. Members should use their best judgment in posting material that is neither inappropriate nor harmful to the Club or its members. 

Although not an exclusive list, some specific examples of prohibited social media conduct include posting commentary, content, or images that are in restricted and illegal areas to wheel,  defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or that can create a hostile environment.  

When posting photos and videos from trail rides do not geotag locations. The exception is if wheeling at a public event or location IE: Jeeping with X, Lazy Springs, Jeep Ranch. 

The Officers reserve the right to remove any post it deems inappropriate or harmful to the  Club or its members.